Buyer's Advocate

Property Mogul

I’ve flown to Melbourne to celebrate the purchase of my first Australian property. I’m incognito while I’m here. No one knows that I’ve come here or that I’ve bought a house here. When you’re as famous as I am, it can be absolutely detrimental for anyone to find out where you are at any given time. Not only is it a massive privacy concern, it can also be dangerous. Even the people who are just die-hard fans can be dangerous, as they get up way too close and personal for it to be safe. 

Yesterday I met with my buyer’s advocacy agency. In the Melbourne CBD, there really isn’t much to do, at least not in comparison to L.A. and New York City, so once I had popped into the buyer’s advocate and signed what needed to be signed (including a couple of autographs), I was on my way. I had my driver drive me past the house that I had just purchased and I am very impressed with it. The buyer’s advocate did an excellent job finding this property for me. I was always going to win the bidding, due to the sheer amount of money that I own, but she did a great job on the ground making sure the property fit my portfolio.

Now that I’ve explored the area, I think I might make this my place of residence when I’m in Melbourne. I will tour here in about a year for my next album release and this will be where I stay. I’ll have it decorated so that it feels like my other properties in America. It’ll be very easy to stay here going forward.

I’ve asked the buyer’s advocate servicing Brighton (who I worked with for the purchase of this Melbourne property) to put me in contact with a buyer’s advocate in Perth. I assume they would know their equivalent in Perth. Australia is a tiny place. I mean… what’s the population? 26 million or something? Australia may as well be a small country town.