Sun Moth

We are your local earthy, vegan cafe serving up delicious coffee, healing teas and vegan food. 

At Sun Moth, the positive healing is in the details of our sanctuary of a cafe. Our mouthwatering menu is free from any baddies or ingredients that harm that planet, and packed with raw vegan foods that heal the soul.

Everything created by our baristas or team of talented vegan chefs is made with wellness in mind and served with a smile on our faces. It’s easy to smile when we’re proud of the products we serve up and know just how little of an impact we’re having on the planet. We love the planet. It keeps us well, it fosters positive energy and keeps us balanced. 

Feel the energy when you take a sip of our famous oat milk coffee in our cafe space. Decorated with crystals, earthy tones and all-natural vibes, we encourage you to relax within our four walls for however long you need.

Leave your shoes and laptop at the door and immerse yourself in the beauty of our space. If you walk in feeling stressed, we can promise you’ll leave feeling refreshed, rebalanced and at peace with yourself. Sun Moth just has that feel about it. You’ll understand once you’ve joined us. 

As a part of our dedication to providing a relaxing space for people who eat vegan to unwind, we don’t post our location out for the world to see. We like to get to know a bit about the people who buy coffee from us each day. You’ll be instantly accepted into our family as long as you eat vegan produce, show a commitment to sustainability and promise to treat everyone (our delightful patrons, kind staff and yourself) with respect, love and kindness. Everyone in our cafe is there for a reason. We all need deep spiritual healing and we’re committed to helping each other along that journey. This is no small task – but we’re in it for each other.

So come and bask in earthy aromas and enjoy the freshest tea, coffee and food in the area. To register your interest in our cafe, fill out our online contact form and we will be in touch soon. We can’t wait to meet you.

You can also browse our delectable menu by going to our menu tab on our website.