I Love Flowers

I love flowers. I love everything about them. I love how vibrant they are. I love how they all have their own fragrance and how they perfectly complement each other in a garden. Heck, I even love bunches of flowers dotted around the house to add colour and style to a room. Pretty much, I love flowers and anyone who knows me even slightly well would know that’s the case.

The best present I’ve ever received is from someone who decided to give me flower seeds. They said when they realised that they could buy flower seeds online they just knew that they had to get me some as a present. I was absolutely blown away. It took me a few months to sort through all the seeds that they had bought me online. They had bought me a nice variety of seeds that would blossom (or bloom) at different times of the year. I had to plan out my planting schedule accordingly, to make sure my garden looked beautiful year-round. 

My garden is flourishing one year after my friend bought me flower seeds. You should see it. I’ll post a photo with this blog post so you can see just how stunning it is. I think my favourite addition to my garden has been the climbing roses. They’re growing all over the back fence, which makes it look like my garden is even bigger than it actually is. They add such a much-needed pop of colour to an otherwise dreary looking back fence and I’m really glad that my friend added them to their carefully selected gift of flower seeds.

Anyway, I’m going to go and admire my garden for a while. Every day I like to sit on the small table and chair set that I have positioned right in the heart of the flower garden and just admire the beautiful flowers around me.