The Car Debate

As Annah locked the door behind us, I pulled out my keys and pressed the button to unlock my car. She turned around as she heard the beep and rushed to my side.

‘Uh, Josh,’ she said quickly.

‘Yeah babe?’

‘Are you sure you want to take your car?’

‘Why not?’ I frowned. ‘It’s already in the street, we don’t have to worry about reversing it down through your hedge maze of a driveway.’

‘My driveway hedges are perfectly maintained,’ she frowned. ‘There’s barely even a blind spot anymore.’

I raised an eyebrow at her.

‘That was one time,’ she huffed. ‘And he would have been fine if he’d been wearing a helmet, like kids are supposed to.’

‘Right,’ I nodded. ‘Anyway, yes, I want to take my car.’

‘It’s just…’ she looked like she wasn’t quite sure how to say something. I sighed and hung my head.

‘Just hit me with it.’

‘I just live in a bit of a dead zone, that’s all.’

‘A what?’

‘I’m not sure there’ll be a place that sells a car battery replacement near me, is all.’

‘Why would I need that?’

‘Oh,’ she looked surprised. ‘Because your car is a piece of trash that’s about to fall apart at any moment. Sorry, did I forget to say that part.’

‘It’s not that bad,’ I rolled my eyes.

‘Babe, I literally watched one of the headlights fall out the other day. Not because it hit anything, or because someone was trying to take it out,’ she shook her head. ‘The thing just dropped. I think it might’ve just been windy.’

‘That could happen to any car,’ I scoffed.

‘True,’ Annah nodded. ‘But it’s happening to your car. Right now. Right in front of me.’

‘Is this because I didn’t want to drive that Underwood mechanic who does suspension repair?’

‘Wait, what’s wrong with your suspension?’

‘Nothing. What? No reason.’

She snatched the keys out of my hand and threw them back into the house, locking the door behind them.

‘My car’s unlocked!’ I protested.

‘Good,’ she stormed away. ‘Maybe someone will steal it.’