Mechanics in Pursuit

‘Do you even know how to drive this thing?’ I hollered at Savii, as she skidded us around a corner and through an alleyway. Her only reply was to grin.

A man in a battered trench coat saw us coming and panicked, dropping his can as he jumped out of our way, hurling obscenities as we disappeared at breakneck speed.

‘Did you even see him?’ I asked, clinging to the door with a white-knuckled ferocity.

‘He moved,’ Savii rolled her eyes. ‘They always move.’

She checked her mirrors again and saw the distant dancing of red and blue lights.

‘Damn,’ she hissed. ‘Thought we would have lost them in that alley.’

‘They’re probably just following the screaming sounds,’ I protested, thrown back into my seat by another burst of acceleration.

‘Do you know of any affordable mechanics near Toowoomba?’ Savii asked, casually.

‘What does that mean?’ I glared at her.

‘Nothing, nothing,’ she said, swerving to avoid a bike messenger and clipping off the wing mirror on my side. I glared at her.

‘That was an honest mistake,’ she protested. ‘Could have happened to anyone.’

‘That’s it!’ I yelled. ‘Pull over! This ends now!’

‘Uh, about that,’ Savii checked for the police again. ‘I’m gonna need this car for a little while.’

‘How long?’

‘Until we’re clear of the City.’

‘That could take days!’

‘A week, tops,’ she batted away my complaint.

‘Wait a second,’ I frowned. ‘Until we’re clear of the city?’

‘You didn’t think I was gonna leave you behind, did you?’

‘I hoped!’

Another swerve temporarily derailed the conversation.

‘What’s the matter?’ Savii asked, genuinely confused. ‘Is your car due for a tyre fitting soon or something?’

‘No, you maniac, I don’t want to be kidnapped by you!’

‘Pffft, it’s hardly a kidnapping,’ she rolled her eyes. ‘You got in the car willingly.’

‘Because I thought you were going to drive to my place and drop me off, not get caught up in a high-speed pursuit!’

Savii shook her head with a sigh.

‘Honestly, some people just will not be reasoned with.’