Timber Supplies One

Noah’s unease deepened, casting an eerie pall over the night as he navigated the dimly illuminated carpark, his steps leading him towards the luminous expanse of hardware stores. Lucas’s adage, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction,” reverberated within his mind, a mantra that had guided their scheming for this very night. Lucas, a master of calculated precision, invariably harboured a reservoir of novel concepts, perpetually concealed within the recesses of his imagination. Yet, scepticism gripped Noah, who perpetually remained uncertain about the wisdom behind these ventures—especially tonight.


Spotting Lucas and his companions clustered near the neon beacon heralding the entrance to the preeminent hardware supplies store Cheltenham boasted, Noah discreetly manoeuvred, skirting the perimeter and keeping a safe distance from the light that emanated from the open storefronts. Hidden amidst the intricacies of scaffolding and roof tiles lay concealed cameras, a facet of surveillance well-known to few. However, Noah’s role demanded unwavering vigilance, an attribute he embraced with diligence. He meticulously noted the formidable toolbox slung over Lucas’s shoulder, the nonchalant manner in which Harvey toyed with a handful of nails, and the glimmer of steel that adorned their boot tips. An eclectic assemblage of individuals, united by their stakes in an ongoing land dispute, congregated before him. Noiselessly, he melded into their ranks, his gaze shifting across adjacent establishments in search of any telltale signs of activity.


Lucas’s voice resonated, issuing forth with conviction. “It needs to be taller than that. We’re well past the Stone Age. Ladders can’t be the answer.”


He gestured towards the opposite side of the road, wherein rested one of the many establishments servicing the Cheltenham region with the best timber fencing supplies Cheltenham had. Despite the hour’s lateness, the store buzzed with activity as tradesmen, undoubtedly comprising night shift workers, swarmed its vicinity.


Harvey voiced his curiosity. “Think they’ll have what we’re after?”


Lucas’s affirmation came, marked by the incisive interplay of red neon light dancing across his chiselled features. “Cameron insists the fence must be as substantial as two individuals, necessitating more timber than that establishment can provide.” A dismissive gesture directed them towards the store they had left behind. “Prepare yourselves, gentlemen.”