Air Conditioning

Lazy husband






My husband really frustrates me at times. Ladies, I’ll let you in on a huge secret; if you ever get an inkling that your boyfriend or husband-to-be has some lazy tendencies, run. Run like the wind! I saw quite a few signs that my boyfriend was going to be a lazy husband one day, but I ignored the signs as I assumed he would improve once life became more serious. Boy was I wrong there!

We’ve been needing to book an air conditioning repair specialist in Cheltenham for the last week. I don’t think he’s even made a single attempt to get in touch with one. Our house feels like the inside of an oven. Do you know what he does to cool down? He sits with his feet soaking in an ice bucket. Whenever I ask him if he’s made the call, he simply shrugs and tells me he doesn’t feel hot. Ordinarily, I’d happily make the booking myself but I’m holding out now out of principle. I work in a very meeting-heavy job during the day, so it’s quite difficult for me to find the time to call someone and make a booking. My husband, however, doesn’t work. He’s at home all day. I’m sure he can find five minutes in his day to call an air conditioning contractor. Ormond has heaps of them. He doesn’t even need to find the contractor. I’ve given him a list of multiple air conditioning contractors in the area. Instead, he’s too busy just worrying about if he’s feeling hot or cold.

I’d hate to think if we had children. He’d be so lazy. Our children would most likely be left to sit in their rooms and boil, while their dad enjoys his footbath. My friend gave me some great advice the other day; she told me that it’s not too late to become single again. She’s not wrong. A lot of marriages fail, and it’s not like I’m trying to keep it together for kids. I don’t think this guy is even suitable to be a father of kids.