Husband Loves The Decals

As soon as my husband got home, bless his kind soul, he came straight into our bedroom to check on me. He sent me multiple texts throughout the day which was very sweet of him and I could tell that he was eager to get home to be with me. When you’re in love, you don’t want your person feeling sick. It makes you feel sick. He was checking in on me just as much for me as he was for himself. Does that make sense? I’m not sure. I’m still sick.

Anyway, as soon as I was able to establish that I was alive enough for him not to worry too much, I asked him what his thoughts were on getting flower wall decals for our bedroom. I’m sure you would remember the dream I had, which I spoke about in depth in my last blog. My dream was bright, colourful and happy. It made me feel at peace which was really needed because I feel so incredibly sick. It was nice to have some sort of relief even if just for a moment and that’s why I want to decorate our room with flowers. I like the vibe that they bring to a space and I really like feeling happy and healthy at all times. It would be good to choose some flower wall decals for our room because they will do just that! Am I rambling again? Yes. Blame my illness.

Anyway, my husband was super excited about the idea! He said in addition to adding flower art to our walls, he’d love it if he could choose his own wall decal design. Melbourne decal designers are few and far between but the lady who has created the flower wall decals that I love also has a large range of other wall decals to choose from! I said he’s more than welcome to choose whichever decal he likes.