Decorating With Decals

I might need to look into redecorating. My husband and I have just gotten divorced. Finally. I hated having him around all the time. The way he would leave the toilet seat up, not wipe dirt smudges off door handles or put his dishes in the dishwasher. Heck, even the way he packed the dishwasher when he finally did annoyed me.

I’m very glad to finally have him out of my life and even though I already feel ten times better than I did last week, I’d like to cleanse myself even more of him before I completely move on with my life. Even though I did all the interior decorating for our home (of course), I want to change it all. I picked wall decals designed in Melbourne that I knew we would both like. Or, not like exactly, but both tolerate. Now I can remove all the old artwork and select pieces that purely only I would like. In fact, I’m going to select pieces that I know for a fact he doesn’t like, just to show the world how free I am of him. I’ve kicked the deadweight to the curb and I couldn’t be happier about it. 

After fifteen years of marriage, I’m finally free. I’ve taken all his money and I’m going to spend all of it on things that he hates. It’s an incredibly satisfying feeling, if I do say so myself. This weekend I’m going to have the ladies over. We’re going to have a massive night – half of us are divorced and the other half are more than happy to leave their husbands at home. It’s going to be a party for the girls, by the girls. We might even have too much bubbly and go rogue on my interior design. Maybe we’ll buy a dinosaur wall decal or two and make a shine for my ex-husband. The old dinosaur he is. I’ve never been happier to be a single, free woman.