Choosing a Wallpaper

This morning I went to the shops to buy some new wallpaper for my house. I had always thought wallpaper was an old person’s thing, since most of my friends simply paint their walls, and most of the wallpaper I’ve seen throughout my life had been installed in the previous century. However, I feel like wallpaper is entering a bit of a renaissance. I constantly see blogs and videos online about all the new wallpaper that is being released, and how to style it to make it work for your home. I really like the idea of putting flower wallpaper up in my living room, as there is a little nook there that I can use to create an element of interest without overpowering the rest of the design.

The only issue was that I didn’t know which wallpaper to choose, since when I arrived at the store there were so many floral options! All the botanicals you could probably think of, and so many more. I was truly overwhelmed by the choice. Luckily, a friendly shop assistant was nearby to help me out. She took me through the different options, including not just the factors related to design, but also those related to installation. She actually suggested that for my intended use, I should instead consider a wall decal. Melbourne designers love using wall decals, especially the temporary, prepasted ones. They’re the kind of things that you can stick up in one particular place on your wall rather than covering the entire wall. This definitely seems to suit my needs a lot better.

There are many different sizes of wall decals, but in the end I settled on a pink flower one, as I’m thinking it’s going to look wonderful when placed near my rose gold couch. I left the wallpaper store with my pockets a lot lighter, but a bigger smile as I imagine what my house is going to look like when I have finished my interior design.