Orthotics for Lacey

‘Lacey!’ I called up the stairs, for the third time. ‘Your breakfast is getting cold!’

         ‘Isn’t her breakfast just ceral?’ Mark frowned from behind his newspaper. I shot him a shut up or I’ll divorce you look, and he shrugged and went back to his article.


         ‘I’m coming!’ my ten year old daughter grumbled from the top of the stairs. As she stepped her way down them, I noticed her wincing.

         ‘Is everything alright, honey?’ I asked her, concerned.

         ‘I’m fine,’ she shrugged, exactly like her father.

         I sighed and followed her to the fridge, grabbing the milk while she reached for her cereal in the pantry. She winced again as she stretched for the box.

         ‘Lacey, what’s going on?’

         ‘It’s just my feet,’ she rolled her eyes. ‘They’re a little sore.’

         ‘Is it your arches?’ I asked, concerned. ‘Mark, your daughter has your arches.’

         ‘That’s nice,’ he nodded, crunching into a piece of toast.

         ‘Mark!’ I yelled at him. ‘We need to get her to the best foot specialist around Cheltenham, and quickly!’

         ‘Why?’ he frowned, crumbs in his moustache. ‘Is there something wrong with her feet?’

         ‘No,’ Lacey rolled her eyes again. Internally, I swore vengeance on whoever made me believe I had until she was a teenager before the eye-rolling started.

         ‘This is important!’ I cried out, looking between them. ‘If we don’t get on top of this now–’

         ‘Then what?’ Lacey looked at me.

         I blinked a few times, trying to remember what I’d read about unsupported arches.

         ‘Uh, you’ll be… look, I’m not the specialist! That’s the point!’

         ‘They’re just going to give her those children’s orthotics to wear. Cheltenham podiatrists all seemed to study at the same place.’ Mark shrugged. ‘It can wait.’

         ‘It can wait?!’

         ‘Wait is this happening today?’ Lacey asked.

         ‘Yes, it is!’ I glared daggers at my husband.

         ‘So no school?’

         ‘No, of course not, we have to–’

         Lacey was already running back up the stairs.

         ‘Let me just change my clothes!’


Learning Podiatry Things

I am really interested in learning about new careers. These are all careers that I would never actually want to do myself, but ones that I am interested in for the sake of being interested. I feel like you can learn a lot about the world simply by talking to other people and listening to the things they are passionate about.

For example, I have recently been talking to a bunch of podiatrists after discovering that I have several problems with my feet. I have made friends with the staff at the best podiatry clinic Cheltenham has, and they are more than happy to accommodate my interests. I do pay them, of course, as I am technically a customer of theirs, but I also do my best to pick their brains during every appointment I go to.

Recently, I was talking to my podiatrist about a number of foot conditions that people can be born with from birth. Many of them can be easily managed, but are also sometimes quite difficult to walk on if you don’t get them seen to as a child.

I heard a story from one client who bought these orthotics arch support insoles. Cheltenham podiatrists were stumped as to why this child was limping around, since his feet seemed to be completely normal from an external standpoint. Several internal scans revealed that his foot bones had grown wrong and that he was struggling to walk because one of the bones was sticking into the other. Gross stuff. I didn’t really want to hear more about podiatry after that. Still, I think it’s important to learn all you can about feet, since we usually use them every day and we should take proper care of them to ensure they can take us where we need to go as efficiently as possible. I wonder what career I’m going to learn about next! There are so many options to choose from.