Annual Heating Service

As I sit here under my blanket and work on my laptop, I reflect on how lucky I am to have food, shelter and heating. Although these things should be a universal right for all people, especially people living in Australia, this, unfortunately, is not the case. I am very disappointed in the way the powers at be have handled the housing crisis situation and wish that there was anything I could do to be able to help. Unfortunately I don’t have the means to buy someone a home or pay for their rent indefinitely, so other than donating food and second hand clothes at our local drives, there’s nothing I can do. 

I am very fortunate to be in a situation where I can afford a home and afford to have annual ducted heating repairs performed by a trained technician. Canberra is home to several heating repair technicians and they all do a great job. I am doing my bit to support local business and help improve the employment rate, which means I select a different ducted heating repairs company every year to come and service my heater. The more I can spend my money across a variety of businesses, the better it will be for Canberrans and people who are trying to make a living here. As I said, I am trying to do my bit. I recognise that I am extremely privileged and want to help in small ways wherever I can.

Although I can’t afford to buy someone a house or pay their rent (as I said in one of the paragraphs above), I do think that I have the means to pay for someone’s heating services. In the Canberra area, everyone needs annual heating services because it gets so incredibly cold here. Maybe if I pay for someone’s heating services this will help alleviate the stressors of the cost of living.