Buying Many Cars

Call me crazy, but I decided to marry for wealth over love. Of course, I am probably going to come to love my husband in time, but now I am focused on the money. It’s nice not having to work for anything, ever. He is very generous with his money and I never want for anything.

For example, I have recently taken up cars as a hobby. I own a few myself now, thanks to him. I don’t know much about cars but I am eager to learn. I mean, just last week I found out the diesel tuning price and my mouth dropped open in shock. I had always thought it was more affordable than that. I guess it depends on where you take your car, and what kind of car make and model you have in the first place. I like diesel cars because they feel more car-like, as strange as that probably sounds. I’m also not a huge fan of luxury cars and designer cars, despite what you probably imagine. I prefer cars that speak to me.

I know when I go to a dealership what I am looking for. I can’t explain the kinds of cars I like, but when I see one, I’ll instantly know. It’s kind of a skill. I always get complimented on my choice in cars. Another great thing about being rich is that I no longer have to use the lower-quality mechanics. In fact, I only ever visit the most highly-rated mechanics Toowoomba has. I can pay upfront. I can even pay several times more than what they are asking for to fine tune my car, and although the mechanics I like to use are actually very affordable, I always leave them a big tip as a way to say thank you for doing a great job.

The cars that my husband and I own together are my favourite possessions, so it’s important that they are taken care of. I am looking forward to buying a lot more cars with him next time we go to the dealership!