A Beautiful Garden

My friend has the most beautiful garden. I don’t know how she keeps it so perfectly maintained. On top of having a full time job, she somehow manages to spend time in her garden every day, keep all her flowers perfectly watered and pruned and ensure that they’re doing the absolute best they can be. I mean, you should see all the hybrid tea rose varieties she has in her garden! And somehow they’re all absolutely thriving. I’m simultaneously so impressed with her and in awe of the fact that she is able to achieve so much. Why can’t I achieve as much as she can? Anyway, I know it’s not a competition. I truly am happy for my friend that she is doing so well for herself. I just wish I had my own hobby that I was so passionate about that I would spend hours of my free time working on it. I just haven’t found my passion yet, I guess. 

For her birthday I’m going to buy her a rose plant variety that she doesn’t have in her garden yet. It’s so easy to buy her presents because she makes it very clear what she wants. There’s no beating around the bush (ha, get it) with her because she has made her love of flowers, and roses in particular, so clear.

It’s a lot easier to buy Sarah a present than it is to buy Sally one. Sally, my other best friend, hates telling people what she wants because she doesn’t want to seem materialistic or like she is expecting a present. The thing is though, we buy each other presents every year so she’s most certainly expecting a present. She could just make it easy for me and tell me exactly what she wants, or at the very least, have a hobby as clear as Sarah’s that I can easily buy for.